Tracey's Story - Hip Pain (2010)

My name is Tracey, I am a 46 year old female, who has been involved in sport in one form or another all my life.  For 18 years I practiced Karate, training virtually everyday, fighting at the highest level of competition.  When I retired I did  a lot of circuit training and running, including two marathons.  Unfortunately all this exercise wrecked havoc on my body and in 2003 my right hip finally gave up the ghost.  At the time I thought it was a simple case of going to a physio and sorting it out.  I went to three or four, but nobody could say what the problem was. In 2005, I met Leon at an appointment at my local GP's.  He had a look at the hip, and said it looked like an impingement problem.  Following consultation with a local orthapeadice consultant, who told me it was oesteoarthritis and to come back in 10 years time to get a full hip replacement, I contacted Leon to tell him the news.  Leon was very supportive, and to be honest the only one who kept me sane as I searched for possible alternatives to 10 years of agony and a hip replacement. By chance I read an atricle in The Mail newspaper about a woman who had symptoms similar to my own, whose life had been turned around by surgery to rectify a hip impingment problem   I contacted her surgeon and set up an appointment.  Following x-rays, he too diagnosed a hip impingement problem which was causing the hip joint to wear (oesteoarthritis).and said that he would be able to remove the impingement.  Unfortunately, since the surgeon was based in Cornwall, and I live in South Wales, and the procedure was not one commonly performed at the time on the NHS, I had to wait many months for the go ahead for the surgery to take place.  All this time Leon kept in contact, and kindly sourced equipment I needed to help post-operation.  Unfortunately, x-rays taken the day before the operation showed that my hip had gone so bad that the only alternative was a hip resurfacing procedure, which was performed the next day. There was a three-month recovery period, and post-op, Leon worked hard to get me back into shape to the point that 9 months after the op (which also included having my trochanter being sawn off and screwed back on), I was able to complete the uk three peaks challenge in 22 hours 11 mins.
I have been back and forth to Leon on numerous occasions for assorted problems with back, neck, elbow and a particularly awkward shoulder problem, and I can honestly say that he has always come up trumps. If you are reading this, and looking for a physio who goes that extra mile, you won't be disappointed if you contact Leon.



Cardiff Physiotherapy Clinic

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