Health Promotion 2011


Every year or every X000 miles we service our car as per manufacture instructions. The annual service functions to check and qualify that the key components (breaks, engine, suspension, steering, bodywork and chassis) are intact and operating as required, keeping us safe and on the road. This preventative monitoring approach helps by identifying areas of concern. Timely servicing helps manage the natural build up of material failure / fatigue over time. Following the service the car often feels easier to drive and typically we feel more confident in its use over the long journeys ahead.


Mechanical components by their very nature fatigue and break down and benefit from regular monitoring, service and maintenance.   Biological systems have the added bonus in that they are alive and able to repair and rebuild (to a degree) depending on the activities they are required to perform. Appropriate and timely maintenance activities have the potential to make best use of these systems optimising health and function.


Sports professionals have benefited from annual service checks called Prehabilitation (Prehab) for many years. Prehab can be considered to be an assessment when there is no actual injury and the aim is to reduce injury risk and improve performance. The aim is to identify key areas of concern (which may have the potential to cause a problem) regarding various health and fitness characteristics. Following the assessment an action plan would be recommended to develop weaker areas and maintain areas of strength.


Dentists have for many years recommended the use of an annual check up in the knowledge that prevention and regular servicing / maintenance is far better approach than neglecting problem areas which can develop in to significant areas of dental decay.


Medical reports highlight the growing health epidemics facing the UK. Beyond the current annual flu virus and its swine flu partner (h1n1) lay far more deadly, slower and sinister epidemics.


While these may take several decades to etch their way in to society their affect on public health will undoubtedly be significant. The big three:


  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Stress / Depression / Anxiety disorders


Clinically, there are recommendations treatments and strategies which can help manage and possibly prevent the development of these conditions. The old adage of prevention is easier than cure always rings true.


When was your last Physiotherapy health check?


Contact Cardiff Physiotherapy clinic on 07949820976 for more information.

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