Posture – Why its Important


Posture is a vital component to all of our daily activities. Throughout our life time we develop and adapt our posture so that it is appropriate for our activity be that standing, sleeping, driving or sitting down relaxing at home.


People often describe their posture as poor and a contributing component of their condition. They may straighten up momentarily so as to achieve their impression of better sitting or standing posture. Unfortunately, there is limited research generated information in this area regarding the benefits of adopting good posture. However, clinically physiotherapists frequently identify the relationship of poor posture and neck / back pain. Poor posture may also associated with a reduction in range of movement in one or more directions. People who adopt non optimal postures in sitting, driving sleeping and working positions for extended periods of time are likely to benefit by adapting their posture at home and work environments.


Clinical evidence supports the use of postural re-education combined with exercise / manual therapy as providing clinical benefits with reduced neck pain and improved range of movement.


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