Badminton - Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries amongst badminton players are extremely common. Badminton places a high and very sport specific demand to the sporting shoulder. In mechanical terms the shoulder has to deliver highly repetitive arm actions, performed at high speed and high force. This is also combined with reaching for the shuttle which may place the arm, shoulder girdle and trunk at extreme ranges of movement which may place the shoulder at increased risk of injury. 


Sharif et al (2009) investigated Musculoskeletal injuries among Malaysian badminton players. This study reported shoulder injuries as the primary upper limb injury in Malaysian Badminton players. This author reported the following subcategories and incidence of shoulder injuries as:

Upper extremity injuries,  shoulder  (frequently affected  @ 36.9%) data from Sharif et al (2009).


Rotator cuff tendinopathy


Biceps tendinopathy

(% not provided)

Muscle strains of deltoid, trapezius and triceps

(% not provided)

Acromioclavicular joint sprains

(% not provided)


Physiotherapy for Shoulder Pain

Physiotherapy injury management using a combination of appropriate exercise and manual therapy can address pain and underlying musculoskeletal factors which can play a part in the development of shoulder injuries in badminton players.


Do you have a Badminton related shoulder injury?

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Shariff A., George J., Ramlan A.  (2009)
Musculoskeletal injuries among Malaysian badminton players. 
Singapore Med J 2009 Nov; 50(11):1095-




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