Neck Injury

Neck injuries can result from several different mechanisms. Direct trauma where a large force is rapidly applied to the neck e.g. Whiplash can often result in neck stiffness and restricted movement.


Alternatively, neck stiffness / pain can result from poor seated / standing posture where gradual sustained loading over a period of time takes its toll (this mechanism is a repetitive strain injury (RSI)). This can occur with extended periods of computer use with a poor workstation setup or with poor driving posture.


In some sporting examples, neck muscles can be used inappropriately e.g. being used to assist a maximal lifting technique e.g. bench press or pull up. This can result in inappropriate muscular recruitment and activity, resulting in neck strain and secondary neck stiffness. Similarly, an asymmetric stroke / breathing pattern for a swimmer or an off centred neck position for a musician e.g. a violinist may experience a similar RSI type injury where repetitive asymmetrical loads are applied to the neck, which can lead to neck stiffness / pain.


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