Running - Marathon Origins


The fable which led to the development of this race originate’s from 490BC during the first Persian War. A large Persian force had landed North of Athens near a small town of Marathonas and was met by a smaller Greek army.


Pheidippides an Athenian messenger (runner) was sent to Sparta (he covered 150 miles in two days) to seek their support in the war against the Persians who had landed and were based at Marathonas.


The Greeks went on to engage the larger Persian force and were victorious at the Battle of Marathon.


Phieidippides ran a further 25 miles from the battlefield Athens to announce the Greek victory at the Battle of Marathon (490BC) on arriving at Athens the fable describes him saying “Nenikékamen”, which translates as "We have won" as he then collapsed and died from the exhaustion of his ordeal.


Hence the Marathon event is named after the small Greek town of Marthonas and this fabled Greek Distance runner.

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