Customer Testamonials

Sarahs Story - Falls Prevention (2009)

A simple solution to a scary problem. I am a mid-sixtyish woman who, for the past decade, has fallen a lot. For no apparent reason, I would plunge to the ground, pavement, sidewalk, concrete, or whatever. I received bruises, lacerations, scrapes, and...

David's Story - Knee Pain (2009)

"Having sustained a knee injury at an event two weeks prior to the Cardiff Half Marathon, I was determined not to pull out and let my sponsors down. I contacted Physio4Motion for emergency treatment and Leon’s diagnosis and treatment was swift, which not only got me through the run pain free, but I even beat my anticipated time!"


Cardiff Physiotherapy Clinic

Will's Story - Physiotherapy Testamonial (2009)

"Leon is a great physio who gave a thorough assessment and a detailed exercise plan to help me recover from my sports injury. He is able to explain the science behind my injury to help recovery and prevent reoccurrence”

Cardiff Physiotherapy Clinic

Jessica's Story - Shoulder Pain (2009)

"I get very tense shoulders and they started to seize up for days at a time, so I decided to ask a physio for professional advice. I am a student at Cardiff University so Leon was very well located right next to the Student's Union and the prices are...