NASA Generating Good Vibrations

  • 25-01-2010

Zero gravity environments as experienced by astronauts do not come without their risks. Exposure to zero gravity can rapidly cause reductions in bone density and muscle mass. This is a significant challenge and has lead to innovative research by NASA to counter this effect on astronauts.


Every day our muscles and bones are subject to gravity's constant resistance regime. Nothing escapes this pull and allows us to develop a strong and mobile musculoskeletal system. However, take away our daily regime and muscular atrophy sets in.


The time honoured line of ‘use it or lose it’ seems ever present but what is the strength of the research behind the use of vibration plate training?


NASA researchers have used standard resistance training and a newer approach which involves the user exercising on a ‘vibration plate’ to maintain muscle bulk and bone density. Some promising research has been generated but the use of vibration training research is still in its infancy and cannot be recommended based on the current evidence base.

Please follow the link below if you would like to read the NASA article.


Coming Next Week – Theories on how Vibration Plate Exercise has its Effect

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