Leon Vaughan

Leon Vaughan graduated from the University Of Wales College Of Medicine in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy.

Leon is a Chartered, State Registered Physiotherapist with experience working in the NHS, in private practice, and has worked in GP Surgeries and chronic pain management teams.

His continuing professional development portfolio is regularly updated, thus offering the patient the cutting edge of today's clinical care.

Qualification Year of Graduation
Diploma Sports Massage Therapy (SMA) 1999
BSc (hons) Physiotherapy (UWCM) 2003
Cert. Manual Therapy (Manual Concepts) 2005
PgC Musculoskeletal Diagnosis (Staffordshire University) 2007

Content Posted by Leon Vaughan

Annies Physiotherapy Feedback - Hamstring Injury - Sport Hockey 2011

I recently got in touch with Leon, based on a recommendation from a friend from work. I am a hockey player, and have been suffering from a niggling left hamstring for the last 6 - 8 weeks, after coming back from the European Indoor Hockey Club Championships in Bratislava. 

Unfortunately, the snow and ice we had back in Nov/Dec time, meant a backlog of fixtures for our outdoor league, and I faced the prospect of three double weeekends of fixtures whilst trying to look after my hamstrings...not a great combination! After just two appointments with leon, my hamstrings have been fantastic, and much improved, with no niggling since.

A combination of both treatment, and exercises, has also ensured that I can prevent the problem from occurring in the future - and my hamstrings are definately happier and healtheir, as well as me!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Leon, who is very professional, but also flexible, with arranging appointments at your convenience - I rang on a Monday, and had an appointment the next day...so no messing or hanging about which was perfect, to fit in round a hectic sporting schedule, and working full time.

Many thanks Leon, and keep up the good work!



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Muscular Pain

Muscular Pain (Myalgia - medical term for muscular pain)

Pain is the most common symptom reported with musculoskeletal conditions and the most common cause of injury is typically from overuse or overstretching of a muscle group. Muscular pain related to increased muscular activity is a common experience for many people accounting for 85% of human pain complaints. However, other conditions can falsely present as muscular pain e.g. infections cause muscle aches and pains.

Joint Pain Relief

The original term came from the Greek arthralgia (literal translation: joint pain) is a symptom of injury, infection, illness or secondary to an allergic reaction. Joint pain and restricted movement are frequently reported with musculoskeletal conditions. This common condition may result from several known causes which range from a direct trauma or can result from underlying conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Richards Story - Calf Pain (2010)

Having picked up a niggle in what I thought was my upper calf I made arrangements to see Leon urgently....being a current International over 800m, time is important.Leon fitted me in very quickly and wasted no time in seeing to my problem. He quickly...

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