Leon Vaughan

Leon Vaughan graduated from the University Of Wales College Of Medicine in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy.

Leon is a Chartered, State Registered Physiotherapist with experience working in the NHS, in private practice, and has worked in GP Surgeries and chronic pain management teams.

His continuing professional development portfolio is regularly updated, thus offering the patient the cutting edge of today's clinical care.

Qualification Year of Graduation
Diploma Sports Massage Therapy (SMA) 1999
BSc (hons) Physiotherapy (UWCM) 2003
Cert. Manual Therapy (Manual Concepts) 2005
PgC Musculoskeletal Diagnosis (Staffordshire University) 2007

Content Posted by Leon Vaughan

Chelseys Story - Back Pain (2010)

I was introduced to Leon, via the Golf Union of Wales as i am a Welsh International. I was experiencing a lower back injury that i needed to sort out quickly. Leon developed a range of exercises as well as physiotherapy to ease the pain. Leon's profe...

Niall's Story - Calf Pain (2010)

"I tore my calf while running 5 months before i was due to enter the Paris Marathon. It was imperative that i returned to full fitness as soon as possible so as to continue with my training, so i sought out a high quality local physio. It was clear t...

Aimee's Story - Ankle pain (2009)

I fractured the talus bone in my ankle in 2006 in a snowboarding accident. I recieved physio in New Zealand but was still struggling with pain and stiffness on a regular basis. I decided to do the Edinburgh marathon in 2009 so contacted Leon to help ...

Joanne’s Story - Hamstring Injury (2010)

Having pulled a hamstring playing football and being unable to walk without severe pain, a twenty-minute session with Leon cured the pain! After identifying the problem he was extremely informative about what the problem was and provided me with acti...

Rhianwens Story - Knee Pain (2010)

Following a knee collision with my salsa dance partner my knee remained sore and painful.  Leon performed a detailed knee examination which identified a weakness and muscle imbalance.  During the sessions Leon treated my knee with manual therapy an...


The word Scoliosis is derived from the Greek: skoliosis meaning “crooked condition” (Harper 2010 on-line reference). It is a medical condition which involves a person’s spine having a curvature to the left or right side. Scoliosis is class...

Hannah's Story - Antenatal Physiotherapy (2009)

Physiotherapy advice and exercises provided by Leon has helped me to manage various common pregnancy complaints. These include advice regarding managing very painful cramp in my legs, hip pain and back pain. Leon also was able to provide me with an a...

How can I give Physio4motion Physiotherapy positive/negative feedback?

Feedback is vital to enable Physio4motion to ensure both the quality of service and to develop new services.

We have a customer satisfaction feedback form which you will be given a copy of during treatment or once discharged. Alternatively, You can contact the Practice Manager directly by phone, post or e.mail with any suggestions and feedback as your views are always of interest to us.

What would physiotherapy treatment involve?

A Physiotherapy Treatment may include:

  • Manipulation (a high-speed, small thrust movement applied to joints)
  • Mobilisation (a manual treatment to joints and soft tissues to improve range of movement)
  • Soft tissue massage (a manual treatment to release restricted soft tissue)
  • Acupressure for pain relief

The Physiotherapy team may also recommend additional services such as:

  • Remedial Massage
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Podiatry referral

Will I be treated in a private treatment room?

Yes. We have individual treatment rooms to ensure privacy and confidentiality.