Leon Vaughan

Leon Vaughan graduated from the University Of Wales College Of Medicine in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy.

Leon is a Chartered, State Registered Physiotherapist with experience working in the NHS, in private practice, and has worked in GP Surgeries and chronic pain management teams.

His continuing professional development portfolio is regularly updated, thus offering the patient the cutting edge of today's clinical care.

Qualification Year of Graduation
Diploma Sports Massage Therapy (SMA) 1999
BSc (hons) Physiotherapy (UWCM) 2003
Cert. Manual Therapy (Manual Concepts) 2005
PgC Musculoskeletal Diagnosis (Staffordshire University) 2007

Content Posted by Leon Vaughan

Shin Splints

This is in effect a general term to describe shin pain which can be due to several different conditions. Shin splints are a common injury in any sport involving running activities and are often caused by doing too much training too soon.


This condition is often associated with activities such as running, sprinting or jumping. These activities rapidly load bony tissue exceeding its tensile strength. This results in structural failure at a micro level in the bony architecture. These tiny fractures are called micro-fractures.


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